Due to covid19 restrictions our annual summit will now be broadcast online Live!



This year we celebrate our 23rd Summit

While the concept of apostles has largely been accepted in today's Christian world, there is still much to learn about the nature of apostles, their calling, and especially their authority.

You are invited to share with us in a wonderful experience of apostolic grace, May 28th to 31st, 2020.


The Main Purpose of the Australian Apostolic Summit is to allow proven, mature apostles to make public, from their intimacy with Christ and love for the church, an up-to-date understanding of what Christ is saying, and to proclaim the current revelation of the apostolic message of God's work of restoration in the church today.


The Summit is holy ground. Saints and apostles and prophets meet together. We meet with God, we listen, we pray, we believe.

Come, and take your shoes off - not literally, but in the heart. What could it mean to take your shoes off on holy ground? Holy ground is where we meet with God -- 'shoes off' means we are not rushing, we stop to listen, it means submission, we are not about to walk away from the Lord - and we humble ourselves in holy awe.


Our program is designed so people can talk -- and all leaders mingle freely. Long morning teas, and even longer lunches. After the morning sessions, we have lunch together and talk at length around the tables into the afternoon.

Relationships come first, friendship is very important. We love and admire our friends.

Senior Minister
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John is the Senior Minister of Peace Apostolic Ministries Ltd and Peace Christian Church, Rockhampton He is known as an inspirational teacher and able communicator of Biblical truth.


He is a man of devotion to Christ. John is a gifted apostle of Christ to nations, and is a spiritual father to other apostles in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. 'Peace' conducts a wide-ranging ministry across Australia and throughout the world, visiting churches, supporting pastors, and presenting apostolic truth in conferences. Peace sends out international ministry teams almost every month.


Several other apostles, as well as prophets and other ministries, are part of the Peace apostolic team, and John & the team have relationships with churches and ministers in all six States of Australia.

The Peace community and the Peace leadership are renowned for their meaningful relationships, and the way they walk together, and the family life of their people. God has given a powerful understanding to John and his people of personal relationships in ministry, as well as grace for Christian community in local church life. Their teaching is received with great appreciation. Wherever they go a grace for these things is imparted to others by the Holy Spirit.




Peace Apostolic Ministries
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Please Phone the Office, or use our form to register for the Summit.



7:00pm  - Session 1
7:00pm    - Session 3
7:00pm    - Session 2
9:30am  - Session 4